Sunday, December 18, 2011

Austin Hipster

What is exactly and Austin hipster?
 Well, I guess my idea of an Austin hipster is the guy wearing a pashmina as a scarf, hula hooping with his friends next to the latest Shakespeare in the park performance.
Or lounging around Austin City Limits (one of the largest music festivals in the U.S.), drinking a cappuccino and taking-in the sun.

Urban Dictionary even has a definition for and Austin Hipster, but I'm not sure if I like the utterly negative view.
I actually like hipsters, although I have run into some that are quite a bit shyer that they look. It could be that their wardrobe needs to be a creative outlet?

I think that most of us at least want to be an Austin Hipster: a music epicenter with many styles to choose from, a lot of young people to be with, many artistic ways to express yourself via wardrobe, accessories and wacky activities.
The whole economy of the city is based on innovation. Case in point: SXSW one of the greatest media conventions in the world.

I think the hipster idea at least in Austin and other large Texan cities, is more about being able to be different and having a sort of license to be dorky, silly and have fun when you otherwise would be stared at for not looking and behaving in a normal way.
Remember that Texas is still a very conservative state and to be able to look different and express you opinions is not always welcomed in these areas and by older generations, mostly.

But the Austin Hipster will just enjoy a great cup of coffee while listening to her favorite local band and making bubbles at the edge of Travis Lake. Why ? why not.....

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